Welcome to the
Atlantic Poultry Research Institute!

The poultry industry is one of the most dynamic of all the livestock industries in modern agriculture. As the industry changes, so too must the scope and focus of poultry research. Research conducted and supported by industry, government and educational institutions have contributed to the incredible changes to the poultry industry over the years.

The Atlantic Poultry Research Institute (APRI) was formed in 1988 to address the concerns of the poultry industry in the Atlantic region by conducting poultry research and training poultry personnel. APRI represents all sectors of the Atlantic poultry industry, including egg, chicken, turkey, hatchery, hatching egg, processing, and feed manufacturing. For the egg, chicken, turkey and hatchery sectors, research priorities are updated annually and can be found under the research tab.

APRI’s goal is to facilitate the process of accessing industry funds for researchers that in turn allows them to leverage the additional funding required to conduct the research project.

Call for Letters of Intent

APRI has initiated a new process to proactively seek Letters of Intent from researchers interested in working with the Atlantic poultry industry with the goal of strengthening the partnerships between universities, researchers and industry. We encourage you to review the factsheets and newsletter (under the resources tab) that profile past research partners and projects which have been shared with regional and national stakeholders.

Interested researchers can submit a LOI to APRI (laurie.eagles@dal.ca) according to the guidelines. The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. September 15, 2024.  Your LOI will have an initial review at our September 24th board meeting.  This will be a virtual meeting and you will be given the option to present your research proposal (maximum 5-minute presentation) to the board. If accepted by the board, your LOI will be sent to the respective poultry sector(s) in Atlantic Canada to determine if they wish to provide a letter of support and/or financial support.   A final decision will be provided following our board meeting in January 2025.

If you have any questions, contact Laurie Eagles, APRI Office Manager (laurie.eagles@dal.ca or (902) 893-6657).