Dr. Bruce Rathgeber Partners in the Fight Against Covid-19

The Atlantic Poultry Research Centre on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus has partnered with AffinityImmuno Inc, in Prince Edward Island, one of the first laboratories to manufacture antibodies against COVID-19.Following successful production of antibodies in chickens to COVID- 19 spike proteins, a partner was needed who had the capacity to increase the number of chickens involved in the process in order to scale-up production. This is where the Faculty of Agriculture stepped in.“The initial goal was to involve 100 hens for this research,” explained Associate Professor Poultry, Dr. Bruce Rathgeber. “A high demand for COVID-19 spike protein has left us short. We currently have 51 birds injected and are still planning to have a group of 49 to bring it up to 100 once more protein becomes available.”

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Dr. Stephanie Collins – A Rising Star in Canadian Poultry Research

Dr. Stephanie Collins is an Assistant Professor of Monogastric Nutrition at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture.  Dr. Collins’ main research interests include animal nutrition, poultry nutrition, carnivore nutrition, domestic animal nutrition, insects as food and feed, waste reduction and redirection, anti-nutrients, and Novel feed ingredients. Her interests lie in investigating animal feed and feed ingredients in order to reduce metabolic disturbances, thus achieving optimal health and performance. Ensuring a nutritious, sustainable source of food for present and future generations of humans and animals is important to her.

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After decades as a highly respected researcher, teacher, and mentor, monogastric nutritionist Dr. Derrick Anderson has developed an eye for talent. He sees something special in Dr. Stephanie Collins, a researcher at Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus. “I think she’s one of the rising stars in Canadian poultry,” he said of the young scientist. “She’s the next generation of nutritionist.”

Dr. Deborah Adewole – The New Industry Research Chair in Poultry Production

Dr. Deborah Adewole was hired in August 2018 as the Industry Research Chair in Poultry Production for sustainable antibiotic reduction at the Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture, Dalhousie University. This is a 5 year position funded by Dalhousie University, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia and the Canada/Nova Scotia Growing Forward II program.  Dr. Adewole has excellent training and 9 years’ experience in poultry nutrition and application of nutrition in poultry health. She has been involved in research focusing on the use of in-feed additives including exogenous enzymes, phytogenic feed additives, and prebiotics in poultry and pigs. She is the author of 11 research articles published in leading journals in the field of Animal Science including Poultry Science, Journal of Animal Science, Animal Feed Science and Technology, and Journal of Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology.

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Dr. Deborah Adewole always knew she wanted to work in agricultural research and academia. Moving all the way from Southwestern Nigeria, Deborah is not only fulfilling this dream, she’s committed to improving the health of chickens in Atlantic Canada’s poultry industry through more holistic nutrition.