Board of Directors

Yvonne Thyssen-Post
Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Eagles

Matthew Harvie
Board Chair

Dean Gurney
Vice Chair


Dr. Lisanework Ayalew
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island

Dr. Bruce Rathgeber
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Agriculture


Heather McLean
Nova Scotia, Perennia

Carol Anne Walsh
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Fisheries and Land Resources

Tom Byers
New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries

Jeff Campbell
Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture

Industry Groups

Hatchery Sector
Gerry Kennie
Atlantic Poultry Inc.

Feed Sector
Ashley Gillcrist
Sollio Agriculture

Turkey Sector
Steven Eadie
Turkey Farmers of Nova Scotia

Chicken Sector
Tom Vissers
Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia

Egg Sector
Cory Cox
Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia

Processing Sector
Dean Gurney
Eden Valley Poultry

Hatching Egg Sector
Matthew Harvie

Ex officio

Dr. Stephanie Collins
Dalhousie University,
Faculty of Agriculture

Chad MacPherson
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada